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Deposit Schemes
Tax Benefits
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Wholly owned by Government of Tamilnadu.
Registered with RBI as a Non Banking Finance Company vide Regn no: 07.00389
Classified as a Hire Purchase Finance Company.
Mobilises funds through various attractive Deposit Schemes.
Provides Financial Assistance to Power and Infrastructure Projects and provides funds to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.
Operations fully Computerised.
Managed by the Chairman and Managing Director under the Board of Directors where senior IAS officers / Professionals are Directors.
Consistently making profit since its inception in 1991. Declaring dividend @ 20% on paid up equity share capital continuously.
Deposit Schemes are as per RBI Guidelines.
Total Deposits as on 30/11/09 : Rs. 4358.46.10 Crores
Total Number of Deposits as on 30/11/09 : 4, 35, 846

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